10 Things You Didn’t Know About Robert Scott Smith

3 Oct , 2016  

Robert Scott Smith is a Visiting Assistant Professor  in the Actor Training Program this academic year. He graduated from the U with a BFA from the Actor Training Program, then went on to receive his MFA from the Old Globe University of San Diego. He is the Co-Artistic Director of Flying Bobcat Theatrical Laboratory and acted professionally in New York and Salt Lake City.

For those who know him and those don’t, here is a list of 10 things you probably didn’t know about Robert Scott Smith.


1. Scott is a Virgo, with a Capricorn rising and a Sagittarius Moon.
2. His go-to song is Madonna’s Holiday.
3. He is definitely a dog person.
4. His spirit animal is a bobcat.
5. After Scott did a scene in his very first acting class, Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple, he was sold on acting. It was the first time he realized how exhilarating, scary and rewarding acting could be. It was also the first time he felt like he belonged somewhere. Scott’s first play he was in was Child’s Play by Robert Marasco, he played Father Mozian. After being in his first play his love for acting really solidified and he said to himself, “you’ve got this”.
6. Scott is honored with the privilege of teaching at his alma mater. He never expected that he would be a teacher, let alone in the same program where he received his undergraduate degree. It is surreal for him when a student has a breakthrough just like he did in acting classes at the U. He is excited to continue this new passion that he has for teaching his craft.
7. The best advice that Scott has ever gotten is, “Respect the theatre, and it will respect you.” He said it is an all-encompassing statement. The theatre should be a respected space and you have to be willing to mop the floor. It’s not just about you being the star; there is team of people who have to work together to put on a show.
8. Scott has always had a great sense of exploration. From when he was 4 and he got lost in the Sawtooth National Forrest and found his way back to his parents to when he was 14 and spent a week being a Carnie in a traveling fair. From this exploration he developed a great sense of play and a willingness to lose himself.
9. Some of his dream roles include Tartuffe, the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet. Also, he’d love to work with Kidd Pivot, Frantic Assembly and Wooster Group.
10. One of his favorite, challenging and rewarding roles was playing Batboy in Batboy: The Musical

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  1. Barbara Taylor says:

    I fell in love with you as Joseph Smith the summer of 2015. You were perfect. I signed up for your acting class through HB60 but couldn’t find the right building the first day of class so I withdrew. I am 75 and I’ve always wanted to act.

  2. Thanks so much for telling me about this passionate teacher! As a senior (retired speech-language pathologist), I have enrolled in two of the U’s acting classes for non-majors during two different summer sessions. As a storyteller and Murray Heritage Senior Center resident storyteller/instructor, I am so open to insights I can learn from acting classes at the U. Should it be my good fortune, during some upcoming summer session, I may be able to sit in one of those seats reserved for SB-60 students in one of Robert Scott Smith’s acting classes.
    Carol Esterreicher
    Capricorn/Cancer Rising
    Cat person (please don’t hold this against me)

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