William Parkinson

Assistant Professor Lecturer

West Institute, Room 109 w.parkinson@utah.edu

Professor William “Bill” Parkinson is a teacher of Tai Chi Chuan, Hatha/Raja Yoga, movement and meditation. He graduated from the University of Utah Department of Philosophy in 1972. Parkinson was initiated into the Ananda Marga International Yoga Society in 1970, receiving the title Yogi Viirishwara in 1974.

Bill implemented Utah’s first accredited college courses in Tai Chi and Yoga at Westminster College in Salt Lake City from 1972 to 1974. He began teaching Tai Chi for the Modern Dance Department in 1974. He has taught Tai Chi and Yoga for the Exercise and Sports Science Department since 1979, and for the Department of Theatre since 1987. He also lectures and conducts workshops both on and off campus.

Bill is listed as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher of the highest level (5,000+ hours of teaching experience) with the nationally accredited Yoga Alliance. He is authorized to administer teacher-training and certification in both Tai Chi and Yoga. He is a Tai Chi Chuan Master who has taught over 7,000 students this art. Bill has sponsored World Tai Chi Day at the University of Utah since 2002. Professor Parkinson has been recognized by Governors Mike Leavitt, John Huntsman and Gary Herbert for his leadership of WTCD. WTCD has been declared a state holiday.