April 23 - 26th, 2015

Studio 115

Amy Oakeson

In a crumbling urban city center, corruption, failing economic policies, high unemployment, and poverty has caused mass flight from the area; leaving behind a dystopian wasteland where centers of commerce, community gathering, and worship have been abandoned and left for ruin. But God is not dead. A small group of devout worshipers in the community come together to save their church by putting on a “mass mob,” inviting brothers and sisters from the entire city to one place of worship where they can celebrate, enjoy, and be drawn closer to God – together. To share their message of faith, the members of the company take on the roles of Jesus Christ and his disciples to retell the parables and story of His life and death using an eclectic mix of storytelling, puppetry, games, and music. Through their presentation, Christ’s messages of kindness, tolerance, and love come vibrantly to life.

GODSPELL is a fabulously fun musical that has been produced all over the world over four decades, and continues to connect with audiences on a playful and powerful level. Based on the Gospel of St. Matthew, the show illustrates the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, stressing His humility and compassion and reinforcing that He’s a hero for secular humanists as well as the pious. With a script and score newly modernized for a 2011 Broadway revival, GODSPELL is filled with charged and funkified versions of favorite songs such as the Billboard chart-topping hit “Day By Day,” “Save the People,” “Light of the World,” and “Learn Your Lessons Well.”