The Children’s Hour

February 6 - 15th, 2015

Babcock Theatre

Mark Fossen

There’s something about Mary. Something bad. She’s spoiled rotten. She’s a bully. But worst of all, she’s a manipulative, compulsive liar. When she accuses the headmistresses of her private boarding school of having a scandalous, “unnatural,” affair, the venomous lie “goes viral.” As the two women struggle to clear their stained reputations amidst a flurry of attacks and questions about the basis of the allegations, their lives fall apart. Lillian Hellman’s magnificent, gut-wrenching play explores the insidious power of gossip and rumor, and how unthinking, narrow-minded majorities can destroy the good-hearted, well-intentioned few. While shocking when it was originally produced in 1934, the themes explored are timeless; as relevant and hard-hitting today as ever.