The Threepenny Opera

November 7th, 2014

Babcock Theatre

Denny Berry

Mack is back! In a morally corrupt society, who is the bigger criminal—the man who robs the bank, or the man who founds the bank? Enter a seamy underworld of salacious cynicism and merry anarchy filled with beggars, hoodlums and prostitutes. At the center of it all perches antihero Macheath—lover, arsonist, rapist, murderer, and criminal mastermind. “Mack” seems to have everything under his control until he marries Polly Peachum, daughter of the king of beggars. Things go awry when her peeved patriarch does everything in his power to imprison and hang his new son-in-law.

This brilliant musical is a political and social satire about the corruption of humanity and a sharp critique of Capitalism. Brutal, scandalous, yet humorous and with a happy ending, The Threepenny Opera is a landmark of modern drama that inspired such subsequent hits as Cabaret and Chicago, and includes one of the most popular songs of the century, “The Ballad of Mack the Knife.”