July 20, 2018

Alumni Spotlight: Mark Fossen

Welcome to our series highlighting graduates who are surviving (and even thriving!) out in the “real world.”

Tell us about yourself.
I’m Mark Fossen, a Salt Lake actor and director. I graduated in 2014 with a BA in Theatre Studies. I act and direct locally, including upcoming work at The Grand Theatre and PYGmalion Productions. I also teach in the department, as well as at Westminster College.

How did your experience in the U’s Department of Theatre help you as a professional?
While I had been acting and directing professionally for some time before finishing my degree, my experience in the Department allowed me to achieve my goal of teaching. I was able to TA in the department for Dr. Sydney Cheek-O’Donnell and Dr. Bob Nelson, as well as work with the Undergraduate Student Experts on Teaching program. It also, of course, let me finish my degree (at the age of 44) so I could then go on to complete an MFA and be able to teach at the college level.

What is your favorite Utah memory?
Not that I don’t have many wonderful memories, but after returning to school at 40, finding professors who helped me every step along the way, and then finally graduating after 20 years of thinking I might never finish my degree … it’s hard to not say “graduation.” It meant a lot to walk that day, with my wife and daughters in the audience.

What advice do you have for recent grads?
Life is long, and a lot is going to happen. Get started on your career and your life, but if you hit bumps along the way (and it’s likely you will) you should know that it’s ok. It’s not all going to go according to plan, but you’ll find surprises along the way.

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