April 11, 2019

"Let Me Down Easy" a play to benefit The Inn Between

The Play is Anna Deavere Smith’s Let Me Down Easy.

The Location is the Salt Lake Acting Company chapel (168 West, 500 North) at 7 p.m., Monday, April 15.

The Purpose is to raise funds for The Inn Between (1216 East, 1300 South), a hospice for the homeless

The Mission of the Inn Between is to end the tragic history of vulnerable people dying on the streets of our community by providing a supportive and safe haven for individuals who have nowhere else to go in time of medical crisis.

The Mission of the Salt Lake Acting Company is to engage and enrich our community through brave contemporary theatre, to bring about in our audience a deeper understanding of and the issues and ideas of our plays, and a connection of the onstage stories to contemporary life.

The Mission of Anna Deavere Smith is to become “the Voice of America.” An extremely successful actress in her own right, Smith is the creator of “verbatim theatre,” in which she interviews hundreds of people who have experienced a particular event, or have special knowledge of a particular subject and shapes those interviews into a dramatic and insightful analysis of that subject, embodying the words of the interviewees exactly as they were spoken, verbal tics and all.

The Mission of Let Me Down Easy is simple: We all have to face death. Eventually it is our own, but before that we will face it in many forms. It may be someone or something which we love, or it may be someone or something for which we are responsible in our various roles as religious advisor, medical professional, caretaker, or teacher/historian/philosopher. We will all meet it differently, as do the people interviewed in Let Me Down Easy, with humor, insight, resignation, bitterness, or denial—but it will be met! Do not ask for whom the bell tolls.

Your Mission (should you choose to accept it) is to come to the Salt Lake Acting Company at 7 p.m., Monday, April 15, for an evening of memorable theatre—and if you find the quality of that theatre suitable, and the cause for which it has been performed worthy, please make a donation to The Inn Between. --Richard Scharine, Director of Let Me Down Easy