September 17, 2019

1st State-wide Intimacy Directing Workshop Weekend

The University of Utah Department of Theatre is proud to be hosting the 1st state-wide Intimacy Directing Workshop weekend on October 12-13, with the support of the U's College of Fine Arts and SUU's Department of Theatre Arts and Dance. Using Intimacy Directors International’s (ID) 5-Pillar approach, Theatre students, faculty, and members from professional affiliates from all over Utah will receive tools needed to create safe spaces for intimate work in an academic and professional setting.

Instructors, Jessica Steinrock and Rachel Flesher from Intimacy Directors International will lead the workshops with assistance by Zev Steinrock. The workshops will focus on the practical application of consent in the theatre, and creating believable stories of intimacy through IDI developed techniques. Workshop attendees will be provided with tools to find chemistry quickly and safely, practice consent, learn about how to approach choreography as a performer or director, and find closure after performing intimate work. While some small moments of contact will be explored (a hug, a handshake, a touch) nothing is required. The workshops will end with Q&A sessions.

Registration is now closed.