Henry V

by William Shakespeare
Jan 29 - Feb 7, 2021

“Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.”

(Henry IV, Part II, Act III, Sc 1)

“Oh for a Muse of Fire that would ascend/The brightest heaven of invention…”

(Henry V, Act I, Prologue)

Henry IV is dead. His son—once the callow prankster, “Hal”—now reigns in solemn grace as Henry V. Despite his father’s dubious claim to the throne and the stain of his own misspent youth, Henry has reinvented himself completely: a king in both name and nature.  

When new intrigue and old provocations kindle his ambition into all-out war, Henry ruthlessly manipulates, persuades, and conquers enemies and allies alike, igniting loyalty with incandescent words. But when the clamor stills and the fire dies, the ashes tell a different story. And in these brief, flickering moments, Henry alone must decide how to bear the uneasy burden of the crown.

Directed by returning guest artist Stephanie Weeks, this virtual theatre interpretation of Shakespeare's conclusion to the Henriad is performed live each night and streamed online, as the second fully virtual production from the University of Utah's Department of Theatre.