The Old Man and The Old Moon

Book, Music, & Lyrics by PigPen Theatre Co.
Sep. 30 – Oct. 9, 2022

There once was an Old Man whose job it was to fill the moon with light...

When the Old Woman suddenly leaves home, led away by a mysterious melody, the Old Man must leave his work behind. With no boat, no plan, and no time to prepare, the Old Man will travel to the edge of the world to bring his wife back safely.

But the moon grows darker each night he’s away—and what will happen when the light runs out?

THE OLD MAN AND THE OLD MOON is an adventure for all ages, full of mystery, friendship, and danger on the high seas. It's a rollicking yarn spun from familiar threads; a brand-new folktale filled to the brim with live music, liquid light, and all the magic that stagecraft can muster, brought to shimmering life on the Babcock stage.


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