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On Monday, February 15, the Department of Theatre hosts its first "Wellness Day" as part of a long-term initiative to encourage individual and collective well-being. These monthly events draw on resources within our community, giving participants a closer look at the relationship between wellness and the arts. The Department of Theatre will offer workshops, classes, and seminars to encourage physical and mental/spiritual self-care, while promoting connection and engagement through Community Wellness Conversations. 

Wellness Days will continue through Spring Semester, with events currently scheduled for March 5 and April 5. For instructor and panelist bios, click here. For questions, information, or if you’d like to suggest or teach a future wellness event, contact us at   

To register, check out the schedule of events below. Advance registration is required and space is limited, so sign up early!




Monday, February 15:


10:00 am to 11:00 am - Meditation Practice with Jerry Gardner

Department of Theatre Associate Professor Jerry Gardner will lead participants through a three-step process—Explanation, Movement, and Practice—to help them incorporate meditation into their wellness regimen. 
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11:30 am to 12:15 pm - Yoga for Every Body with Aria Klein 

CorePower Yoga instructor and Musical Theatre Program student Aria Klein presents this specially designed session of her popular online class, designed to help you connect your mind, body, and breath, and re-center yourself for clarity and creativity.
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1:00 pm to 2:30 pm - Roundtable/Q&A: Representation in Theatre Casting

Panelists (alphabetical by given/affirmed name): Alicia Washington (Artistic Director, Good Company Theatre), Brian Vaughn (Artistic Director, Utah Shakespeare Festival), Jerry Rapier (Artistic Director, Plan-B Theatre), Penelope Caywood (Artistic Director, Youth Theatre at the U), Shelby Noelle Gist (Co-Artistic Director, An Other Theater Company)

Moderator/Facilitator: Yolanda Stange (Actor/Producer)

An invited panel of Artistic Directors from theatre companies throughout Utah joins us for our first Community Wellness Conversation*. This hour-long roundtable, followed by a half-hour Q&A session, invites participants to enter and reflect on a crucial, ongoing discussion about the bodies we see—and don’t see—onstage, and the stories they tell.
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March 5:

  • Meditation Practice with Jerry Gardner
  • Community Wellness Conversation with T. Oliver Reid of the Black Theatre Coalition

April 5:

  • Meditation Practice with Jerry Gardner
  • Community Wellness Conversation: Representation and Season Selection




In our efforts to support collective well-being, the Department of Theatre is introducing Community Wellness Conversations. Through presentations and discussions in a variety of spaces, we hope to encourage participants to see representation, equity, diversity, inclusion, anti-racism, and justice as essential elements of wellness for themselves, their communities, and their futures. We also hope that centering this conversation on the Utah arts community will give participants a more immediate sense of how they might affect—and be affected by—structural inequality and unsustainable practices, while reminding them of the exceptional work being done within arms’ reach. Although education is always a priority, the ultimate goal is to encourage participants to connect with the conversation, examine the part they play, and take an active role in this work.







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The Stage Management BFA program prepares students for professional careers in stage and production management. Students develop an artistic sensibility, a strong working knowledge of technical production, and effective organizational and management skills to orchestrate the smooth execution of a production.

Information on Admissions and Auditions

The program is of a size that allows for students to work on multiple Departmental productions each year and discuss options for professional opportunities outside of the department. Within the Department, stage management teams are designed to allow for peer mentorship between students and encourages collaboration on new stage management techniques. While attending the University, past students have also worked locally with Pioneer Theatre Company, Utah Opera and Symphony, Ballet West, Plan-B Theatre Company, Salt Lake Acting Company, and The Grand Theatre. Students can elect to earn points toward membership in the Actor’s Equity Association through various job and internship opportunities.

Stage Management students complete 5 stage management courses in addition to fundamentals in each of the design disciplines, acting, and directing. Regular one-on-one mentorship with working theatre professionals, as well as directed electives in management, advanced theatrical techniques, and a variety of classes within the larger Fine Arts College, help to tailor the student’s experience toward their professional stage management goals. As a research university, grants are regularly made available to students so that they can further pursue specific projects within their areas of interest. Topics currently being explored include app development, robotics and other new technological developments in theatrical fields. The program hosts many guest lecturers, workshops, and professional shadowing opportunities for stage management students.

In addition to networking opportunities within Salt Lake City, students meet with professionals working for companies like Cirque du Soleil, Pacific Northwest Ballet, The Phantom of the Opera National Tour, and Washington National Opera. Students have the opportunity to travel out of state as well, to shadow productions or participate in the USITT national convention.

The University of Utah Department of Theatre is the only program in the state to offer a B.F.A. in Stage Management

Example Plan of Study

Program Head

Amber Bielinski

Learn more about Academic Advising.