April 03, 2024

Theatre’s 2024-2025 Season features rebels, dreamers, lovers, and (re)makers

The University of Utah Department of Theatre is thrilled to announce our 2024 / 2025 Season, in which two shows will be presented in our new state-of-the-art Meldrum Theatre.

“We hope you’ll join us for our season of contemporary plays, revitalized classics, show-stopping musicals, and an original Youth Theatre production for audiences of all ages — a truly thrilling season that you won’t want to miss!” — Chris DuVal, Interim Chair

The Heart of Robin Hood | David Farr
Director Alexandra Harbold and Fight Director Chris DuVal
September 27-October 7, 2024
Meldrum Theatre

“Come with us into the forest.”

Meldrum by BW ProductionsMeldrum Theatre (Photo by BW Productions)The notorious Robin Hood and his band of outlaws steal from the rich, creating a fearsome reputation amongst those who dare to travel through the mighty forest of Sherwood. But they do not share their spoils with the poor and are unloved by the people, who must also pay unfair taxes to the evil Prince John as he plots to steal his brother's crown. In this time of chaos and fear, it is down to Marion to boldly protect the poor and convince Robin that he must listen to his heart if they are to save the country. The Heart of Robin Hood | Concord Theatricals.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream | William Shakespeare
Director Robert Scott Smith
October 25-November 3, 2024
Studio 115

On Midsummer’s Night, the real and fairy worlds collide.

Four young lovers, faced with the prospect of unhappy marriage or worse, flee the court of Athens and stumble into an enchanted forest. Nearby, a group of amateur actors rehearse a play to celebrate an upcoming royal wedding. As these mere mortals cross paths with a warring fairy King and Queen, chaos reigns in the natural world. The lines between reality and illusion start to blur and no-one but mischievous Puck knows what is true and what is magic. RSC play summary

Spring Awakening | Music by Duncan Sheik, Book and lyrics by Steven Sater
Director Erin Speer
November 8-17, 2024
Babcock Theatre

“So let that be my story… Listening… For the hope, for the new life — Something beautiful, a new chance. Hear, it’s whispering, there, again…”

It is Germany, 1891, a world where the grown-ups hold all the cards. The beautiful young Wendla explores the mysteries of her body and wonders aloud where babies come from... until Mama tells her to shut it and put on a proper dress. Elsewhere, the brilliant and fearless young Melchior interrupts a mind-numbing Latin drill to defend his buddy, Moritz – a boy so traumatized by puberty that he can't concentrate on anything... not that the Headmaster cares. He strikes them both and tells them to turn in their lesson. One afternoon, in a private place in the woods, Melchior and Wendla meet by accident and soon find within themselves a desire unlike anything they've ever felt. As they fumble their way into one another's arms, Moritz flounders and soon fails out of school. When even his one adult friend, Melchior's mother, ignores his plea for help, he is left so distraught that he can't hear the promise of life offered by his outcast friend, Ilse. Naturally, the Headmasters waste no time in pinning the ‘crime’ of Moritz's suicide on Melchior to expel him. And soon, Mama learns that her little Wendla is pregnant. Now the young lovers must struggle against all odds to build a world together for their child. This celebration of rebellion provides the perfect opportunity to feature performers of all types, as well as the creative flexibility with the use of costumes, set pieces and lighting. Featuring a pop rock score, this is an ideal show for talented vocalists with strong acting abilities. Join this group of late nineteenth century German students on their passage as the navigate teenage self-discovery and coming of age anxiety in a powerful celebration of youth and rebellion in the daring, remarkable Spring Awakening. Spring Awakening | Music Theatre International

Xanadu | Book by Douglas Carter Beane and music and lyrics by Jeff Lynne and John Farrar
Director David Eggers
February 14-23, 2025
Meldrum Theatre 

“have to believe we are magic nothing can stand in our way have to believe we our magic don’t let your dream ever stray and if all your hopes survive destiny will arrive I’ll bring all your dreams to life for you” 

Xanadu follows the journey of a magical and beautiful Greek muse, Kira, who descends from the heavens of Mount Olympus to Venice Beach, California in 1980 on a quest to inspire a struggling artist, Sonny, to achieve the greatest artistic creation of all time – the first ROLLER DISCO! (Hey, it's 1980!) But, when Kira falls into forbidden love with the mortal Sonny, her jealous sisters take advantage of the situation, and chaos abounds. Xanadu | Music Theatre International

Charting Neverland | A new musical inspired by J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan
Adapted and Directed by Penelope Caywood
March 17-22, 2025
Kingsbury Hall

Charting Neverland offers a fresh perspective on the beloved tale of Peter Pan, drawing audiences into an imaginatively re-envisioned Neverland. This musical adaptation ventures into the untold stories of its cherished inhabitants, exploring the individual worlds within Neverland that mirror the limitless creativity found in the minds of children. Each version of Neverland, as unique and boundless as the child who dreams it, serves as the backdrop for our characters' origins, adventures, and the deep connections that unite them. 

Through innovative storytelling, an ensemble focus, and a contemporary folk soundtrack, Charting Neverland seeks to enchant today's audiences. Far more than a mere retelling, this production reawakens the magical world of Neverland as a place of inclusion, empowerment, and anti-colonial narratives. It invites a reimagining that respects the fluidity and vastness of children's imaginations, promising a journey filled with magic, music, and the exploration of themes that resonate across ages. This work is currently evolving, with a workshop and reading poised to bring it to life this summer, offering a glimpse into the creative process behind redefining a classic for a new generation.

You on The Moors Now | Jaclyn Backhaus
Director Sarah Shippobotham
April 4th-13th
Babcock Theatre

“My spirit cannot be in one place, and that is the wonderful sad thing of life, and of death. For we never know where we will be.”

Four literary heroines of the nineteenth century set conventionalism ablaze when they turn down marriage proposals from their equally famous gentlemen callers. What results is a confluence of love, anger, grief, and bloodshed, as the ensemble struggles to reconcile romantic ideologies of the past with their modern ideas of courtship. Everything you’ve learned about love from the pages of Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, and Little Women is turned upside down in this grand theatrical battle royale.