Lynn Deboeck

Adjunct Associate Professor

Dr. Lynn Deboeck is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of theatre and gender studies at the University of Utah. She earned her PhD in Theatre and a Graduate Certificate in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies from the University of Kansas. Her research interests include reproductive women on stage, gender and representation in performance, pedagogy in higher education and feminist theatre. She is also a theatre director with a 18-year record, including mostly plays written by women.

In her directing pursuits, she most recently directed "Helen," by Euripedes at the 50th anniversary of Salt Lake City's Classical Greek Theatre Festival. She also had her original play "Lynchpin" (a play about the life of Ida B. Wells) performed at the 2019 Edward Lewis Festival. Her most recent scholarly publications include "Feminist Resistance to the Coded-Male Auteur-Director," an article in Frontiers: A Journal of Women's Studies and "The Culinary Coding of Gender Construction: Simplicity Rhetoric in Cookbooks from the Little Blue Book Series," an article in antae: A Journal on the Interspaces of English Studies.

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