As You Like It

By William Shakespeare
March 17 – 26, 2023


I thought thy heart had been wounded with the claws of a lion.

Wounded it is, but with the eyes of a lady.


When Rosalind and Orlando meet, it’s love at first sight, which is fortunate—that’s really all they have time for. Soon after, Rosalind is banished from court on pain of death; meanwhile, Orlando returns home only to find his own life in danger.

Adopting the name "Ganymede" and disguising herself as a man for safety’s sake, Rosalind flees to the forest of Arden with Celia, her loyal cousin, and Touchstone, the court jester. To her delight, Rosalind learns that Orlando has also taken refuge in Arden, and that he is smitten with her as well. But Rosalind isn’t ready to drop her disguise just yet; she has a plan, and it won’t work without Ganymede’s help.

Featuring some of the Bard’s wittiest characters and most memorable turns of phrase, AS YOU LIKE IT is a classic pastoral comedy as well as a hilarious, thoughtful examination of the roles people play in life and in love. "All the world's a stage," indeed.