September 13, 2018

It's FAF Grant time

Students, do you have an interesting project that needs funding? Is your group registered through ASUU or are you a CFA SAC? Then read on, because the College of Fine Arts might have money for you.  On behalf of the FAF Grants* Funding Committee, we are excited to announce the 2018 Fall FAF Grants Cycle. FAF Grants process, eligibility, restrictions of funds, deadlines, instructions and application materials can be found here. There are lots of different projects that FAF Grants can fund. Historically, FAF Grants has funded student-driven events to:

  • Create gallery exhibits, performances, concerts
  • Bring guest artists or scholars to campus
  • Travel to arts-related conferences or events

Any College of Fine Arts student groups, registered through ASUU, and CFA SACs may apply for Fine Arts Fees Grants (FAF Grants) for student-driven, noncredit activities that enhance student learning, and/or enhance the student experience for the larger University community, and/or create or host fine arts events on campus and in the greater Salt Lake City area. College of Fine Arts students want to know more about FAF Grants can also contact your departmental FAF Grants representatives. Fall FAF Grants must be turned into your Departmental FAF Grants Representative prior to September 21, 2018 at 5pm. *The Fine Arts Fees (or “FAF”) fund is supported by all paying tuition at the University of Utah. These student fee monies are used to support Arts Pass, which offers University of Utah students free or deeply discounted tickets to campus Arts events, as well fund the FAF Grants program.